Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Introducing the World's Finest "Active Directory Security Services"


It is my privilege to share that earlier today we launched our unique and innovative Active Directory Security Services offering to empower organizations worldwide to be able to quickly, efficiently and above all trustworthily secure their foundational Active Directory deployments.

Our unique Active Directory Security Services portfolio is comprised of six unique high-value cyber security services that are designed to empower organizations to attain and maintain a sound Active Directory Security posture -

  1. Our unique Active Directory Executive Briefing service is designed to provide an organization's C-Suite unequivocal clarity on the foundational role of Active Directory and the paramount importance of its security, so that they can adequately support the organization's Active Directory security initiatives. 

  2. Our unrivaled Active Directory Privileged User Audit service is unique in its ability to instantly provide organizations accurate (Active Directory Effective Permissions based) insight into exactly who has what privileged access in Active Directory. This service delivers mission-critical privileged access insight to organizations within hours.

  3. Our comprehensive Active Directory Security Assessment service is unique in its ability to empower organizations to comprehensively assess the security afforded to every aspect of their foundational Active Directory deployment, including an accurate assessment of exactly who has what privileged access in their Active Directory.

  4. Our unrivaled Active Directory Security Hardening service is unique in its ability to empower organizations to adequately strengthen and formidably harden Active Directory security, and do so quickly and efficiently.

  5. Our unique Active Directory Privileged User Lockdown service is designed to empower organizations to leverage our authoritative expertise to quickly, efficiently and reliably lock down privileged access in their Active Directory.

  6. Finally, our novel Active Directory Security Consulting service is intended to help organizations quickly, easily and trustworthily fulfill any custom Active Directory security needs that they may have, by leveraging and availing of our Active Directory security expertise. 

Each one of our six unique Active Directory Security Services can be performed remotely or onsite, and do not require any special or privileged access to perform. Finally, most of them do not require more than a week to perform.

To learn more about our unique and innovative services, please feel free to review - Active Directory Security Services.

You can also download our Services brochure from here, or download brochures for all our services from here.

Over the last decade, we have had thousands of organizations from across the world request us to consider introducing a services offering, and we're happy to introduce these services to help them trustworthily enhance Active Directory Security.

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