Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Built to Last a Hundred Years


I hope this finds you all doing well. Today, I just wanted to take a brief moment to share that when you bear a great onus, as we do, you owe it to the world to ensure that you're going to be around long enough to be able to serve the whole world.

Fourteen years ago, cognizant of that, when I founded Paramount Defenses, I made it a priority to ensure that we built the company in such a way that it could last not just a proverbial but a real century, and its my privilege to share that we can.

We can formidably withstand recessions, pandemics and natural disasters because we plan and operate like the military.

After all, in today's digital age, cyber is the new battleground, and capability and resiliency in cyber security are paramount to organizational, business and national security. We understand this unequivocally, and operate accordingly at all times.

Today we possess the wherewithal to be able to simultaneously fulfill the needs of, serve and empower thousands of business and government organizations across one hundred and ninety countries worldwide, without blinking an eye.

Above all, we care deeply, and strive to represent the best of the United States of America, and the best of humanity.


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