Monday, January 25, 2021

Introducing the Free Version of Gold Finger


We hope this finds you all doing well and we wish you all a very happy, safe and successful new year.

Today on behalf of our entire team, I would like to introduce the complimentary (free) version of Gold Finger - 

Gold Finger - Free Version

The free version of Gold Finger is possibly the most trustworthy free version of any Active Directory tool in the world. 

In light of the recent infamous SolarWinds Hack (on which I will pen a post in days to come), we felt it was important to provide organizations a TRUSTWORTHY alternative to the various inadequately trustworthy free Active Directory Audit Tools that thousands of IT personnel from across the world still continue to rely on to fulfill basic AD audit needs.

The free version of Gold Finger is essentially the same as the licensable version of Gold Finger, the only difference being that it ships with a free license, thereby making it possibly the MOST trustworthy Active Directory Audit Tool in the world.

Gold Finger sets the bar in Trustworthiness -

For those who may not know, for the last fifteen years, we have strived to set the bar when it comes to the security of a cyber security solution, and here are just a few salient facts that we believe help make Gold Finger highly trustworthy - 

  1. Gold Finger is architected by former Microsoft Program Manager for Active Directory Security

  2. Gold Finger is 100% developed in and supported from within the United States of America

  3. Gold Finger's codebase is only located in the United States and it is formidably protected 

  4. 100% of Gold Finger's development and support team personnel are U.S. citizens

  5. Gold Finger is adequately safeguarded against unauthorized tampering

  6. Gold Finger is thoroughly tested prior to every single release

  7. Gold Finger is digitally signed to ensure authenticity

  8. Gold Finger does not require a single change anywhere, nor does it require the installation of any agents

  9. Gold Finger is a 100% read-only tool and its use does not require any privileged/administrative/elevated access

  10. Gold Finger was built to operate in air-gapped environments; it does NOT talk to anything outside the network.

I could continue, but I think you'll get the drift - as one of the world's top cyber security companies today, we go to great lengths to set the GOLD standard when it comes to the trustworthiness of software, particularly cyber-security solutions. 

I would encourage everyone organization to evaluate for themselves whether or not any existing cyber security solution that they rely upon, not just Active Directory Audit Tools, meets the standards that we built Gold Finger to.

Today Gold Finger is deployed in 6 continents worldwide, and trusted by the some of the most powerful and prominent organizations in the world, including the U.S. Government, and that is a responsibility we do NOT take lightly.  

A Simple (Noble) Purpose

The reason we decided to introduce the free version of Gold Finger is to provide those organizations that simply cannot afford to use licensable software (for whatever reason) a trustworthy alternative to the numerous potentially suspect/ inadequately trustworthy Active Directory tools available on the Wild Wild Web.

To see for yourself, all you have to do is Google "Free Active Directory Audit Tool" and see for yourself just what all is available out there, and then ask yourself a simple question - "Where are these tools (actually) developed, by (verifiably) whom, and just how secure/trustworthy are they?"

(You see, over the last decade, we've had almost 8,000 organizations knock at our doors, unsolicited, so we know just how bad the situation is out there, and we know just how many 1000s of organizations are still using free Active Directory audit/management tools to perform such a vital and essential function.)

We always encourage all organizations to use trustworthy licensed Active Directory Audit Tools, and in Gold Finger, we strive to set the trustworthiness bar for each of the nine Active Directory Audit Tools that comprise the Gold Finger Suite.

If you must use a free Active Directory Audit Tool, we'd like you to know that you now have a trustworthy option, because we stand behind every tool we build, from our flagship Microsoft-endorsed Gold Finger Active Directory Audit Tool Suite to the unrivaled Gold Finger Mini to the unique Gold Finger 007G.

Capability Overview

From a capability perspective, the free version of Gold Finger offers 100+, fully customizable (via LDAP filters) basic Active Directory security audit reports that are available in our licensable Active Directory Security Auditor solution. 

It can be downloaded, installed and run on any domain-joined PC using any domain-user account, in under 2 minutes. 

Gold Finger Free Version URL -

That's all for now.

Best wishes,

PS: This is not the announcement I had alluded to in our previous post - that announcement will follow in a few days ; it had to be postponed as we needed the time to make the free version of Gold Finger available on a priority basis.

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