Monday, April 4, 2022

Pardon the Absence + The World's Finest Cyber Security Insights


I hope this finds you doing well. Pardon our absence here on this blog as we have been extremely busy on several fronts, assisting organizations worldwide adequately secure and defend their foundational Active Directory deployments.

As such, over the years, we have already shared the world's most advanced cyber security insights on topics including Privileged Access, Active Directory Security, Active Directory Privilege Escalation, Active Directory Effective Permissions and more, all of which directly impact the foundational security of over twenty thousand organizations worldwide.

In addition, I personally have been active on LinkedIn, providing some much needed thought leadership to organizational cyber security leaders, Domain Admins and other cyber security practioners. In fact, over the last few months, I've shared some valuable insights and asked some of the world's most important questions on LinkedIn, including -

  1. Is it easy to find out who has what privileged access in Active Directory today?

  2. The Keys to the Cyber Security of every organization in the world lie in a deep ocean

  3. What is this string and why should you care? > (A;WD; WD;;;)

  4. Even Microsoft is not bullet proof

  5. At the heart of the most critical step in Russian GRU hacking attempts lies Active Directory

  6. What lies at the foundation of cyber security of 85% of organizations worldwide?

  7. Microsoft buys RiskIQ for $500 Million, but may be exaggerating its capabilities

  8. Can anyone answer this simple Cyber Security 101 question?

  9. The Top-10 cyber security insights every organization must have

  10. Cyber security is mostly a joke at most organizations worldwide

  11. There exist billions of Active Directory privilege escalation paths worldwide

  12. The most valuable organizational asset worldwide today - Active Directory

  13. One 3-letter acronym entity* controls cyber security worldwide today

  14. The Top-5 ways to compromise an Active Directory domain user account

  15. The easiest way to compromise Microsoft Azure

  16. Technically speaking, most organizations worldwide can be compromised in minutes

  17. Who needs WMDS today?

  18. The keys to global security lie in ONE technical thing - AD ACLs

  19. If you were a hacker, and you could only compromise ONE account, which one would it be?

  20. What costs a $ Billion and yet not even one of the 1000+ billionaires in the world can actually buy it?

  21. 10 technical facts that underlie the cyber security of the entire world today

  22. Microsoft views Cyber Security as a $150 Billion addressable market

  23. The difference between amateurs and professionals in cyber security

  24. The answer to "Who needs WMDs today"?

  25. Microsoft just confirmed what I've been saying for years now

That said, in light of the recent breaches at Microsoft and Okta by LAPSUS$, I have decided that perhaps we need to share a few more insights with the world, so in days and weeks to come, you can expect a few insightful blog posts here.

Until then, if you want to learn more, you may want to ready my posts on LinkedIn.


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