Monday, January 20, 2020

The World's Most Advanced Active Directory Security Insights


As the world's #1 cyber security company in two vital areas of security i.e. Active Directory Security and Privileged Access, in days and weeks to come, you can expect us to share advanced security insights on these two vital areas on this blog.

Today, we just wanted to share a few advanced cyber security insights on Active Directory Security -

  1. A Letter to Benjamin Delpy Regarding Mimikatz and AD Security

  2. How to Mitigate the Risk Posed by Mimikatz DCSync

  3. Active Directory Beyond the MCSE

  4. How to Discover Stealthy Admins in Active Directory

  5. How to Correctly Discover Shadow Admins in Active Directory

  6. Active Directory Access Control Lists - Actual Attack and Defense

  7. How to Easily Solve the Difficult Problem of Active Directory Botnets

  8. How to Easily Identify and Thwart Sneaky Persistence in Active Directory

  9. A Simple Trillion Dollar Active Directory Privilege Escalation Example

  10. Active Directory Effective Permissions - Paramount to Global Security

You see, the key to all of the above lies in this.

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