Thursday, January 16, 2020

Active Directory Security - An Executive Summary for CISOs


Over the last few years, we've had thousands of organizations reach out to us to request our assistance on numerous aspects of Active Directory Security, predominantly on how to correctly audit privileged access in Active Directory.

We thus have substantial insights on just how much organizations worldwide know about Active Directory Security and how well their security leadership (CISOs) understand the paramount importance of Active Directory Security today.

In our vast experience, we have found that the IT and cyber security leadership at thousands of organizations worldwide may still not yet understand the paramount importance of securing and defending their foundational Active Directory.

To help the CISOs of all organizations worldwide understand the paramount importance of Active Directory Security,  earlier today we released a simple two-page Executive Summary on Active Directory Security -

Active Directory Security

This Executive Summary (PDF) can be downloaded from here - Active Directory Security.

Today, virtually every aspect of organizational Cyber Security, whether it be Identity and Access Management, Privileged Access Management, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Data Security, Intrusion Detection, Cloud Security, Zero Trust etc. ultimately relies and depends on Active Directory (and consequently, on Active Directory's security.)

In the interest of their organization's foundational cyber security, we highly recommend that all CISOs worldwide read it.

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