Friday, January 10, 2020

Active Directory Security Checklist


Active Directory Security is of paramount importance to organizational cyber security worldwide today, and it is absolutely imperative that organizations adequately secure and defend their Active Directory deployments from being compromised.

Albeit paramount, given its vast attack surface, adequately securing and defending an organization's Active Directory requires knowledge, expertise and effort, and organizations often require specific guidance to ensure completeness.

IT personnel at organizations worldwide, especially Domain Admins, IT Managers and CISOs could greatly benefit from a clear understanding of exactly what all they need to cover in the process of securing their Active Directory deployments..

Active Directory Security Checklist

To make it easy for IT personnel at organizations worldwide to be able to adequately assess, secure and defend their Active Directory, we have developed a simple, practical and complete 10-point Active Directory Security Checklist -

Active Directory Security Checklist

This checklist (PDF) can be downloaded from here - Active Directory Security Checklist.

This simple checklist can help organizations worldwide ensure that they have adequately provided coverage for all areas of their Active Directory that need to be addressed to attain and maintain a sound Active Directory security posture.

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