Friday, March 15, 2024

We're Giving Away up to $ 100 Million in Software


Hello. Today is our eighteenth anniversary, and to celebrate this occasion, and help thousands of organizations worldwide that operate on Active Directory, today we announced our intent to give away up to $ 100 Million worth of Gold Finger licenses to all organizations that can affirmatively answer just one simply question concerning Active Directory security.

Details on our up to $100 Million software giveaway can be read in our press release - Paramount Defenses Celebrates Eighteen Years in Business, Announces Up To $100 Million Software Giveaway | Business Wire

We cordially invite all organizations worldwide to kindly take us up on our generous offer, and we hope that organizations worldwide will give a serious thought to the one question that we have asked. If you ask me, it's a really simple question and the answer is either a Yes, or a No. If it's a No, then they must ask themselves how secure they actually are today. 

Over the last eighteen years, we have pioneered, perfected and automated the incredibly difficult and sophisticated art of accurate access assessment, particularly in Active Directory and as pioneers and industry leaders in access assessment, we remain committed to helping organizations securely operate their foundational Active Directory infrastructures.

That's all for now. Thank you very much. I wish you well. I'll leave you with this.

Best wishes,

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