Wednesday, March 6, 2024

World, Hello Again


Hello. I hope this finds you doing well. It has been almost two years since we last penned a post here on our blog.

The silence was intentional, and now it is TIME to break our silence. We have been hard at work, quietly, working on two new products, GG and TB (, one of which targets the Cloud), and both of which, like GF (Gold Finger) could* easily substantially impact the foundational cyber security of thousands of organizations worldwide, including Microsoft's.

*If the need were to arise, as and when it does, we will unveil them.

For now though, our focus continues to be on Gold Finger, which remains unrivaled and indispensable for Active Directory Security. Today, amongst many organizations worldwide, Gold Finger helps secure and defend $100 Billion+ companies.

Speaking of which, today we announced the availability of Gold Finger Version 8.0 with support for Windows 11.

Active Directory remains Foundational

Microsoft Active Directory is a mature, time-tested and provably trustworthy technology that enables and empowers organizations to autonomously operate the lifeline of their business, their IT infrastructures. Those who claim that Active Directory is not secure, may not know enough about Active Directory security.

Active Directory is one of the most highly securable technologies in the world today, and its powerful security model enables organizations that possess the right capabilities to be able to easily attain and maintain least privileged access (LPA) and independently operate highly resilient foundational IT infrastructures.

In days to come, we will help the world understand how to easily attain and maintain LPA in Active Directory.

Helping Organizations Retain their Operational Autonomy, Privacy and Dignity

Today, we also reiterated our commitment to helping organizations worldwide securely operate Active Directory.

Thousands of organizations worldwide are realizing for themselves what we have been saying for years i.e. the day they relinquish control of their primary identities (such as to an IDP in the Cloud) is the day they will have relinquished their operational autonomy and privacy, forever, and taken on an eternal dependency on a third-party. 

Of course, should such an IDP be compromised, their organization could also instantly be at risk of compromise.

In contrast, organizations that retain control over their primary identities i.e. organizations whose primary identities reside in their Active Directory, will continue to enjoy operational autonomy, safeguard their privacy and preserve their dignity.

In days to come, we will also help organizations worldwide understand how to easily secure Active Directory.

That's all for now. There's a lot we have to share, and in coming days, you can expect us do so.

Best wishes,

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